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 photo 2010_0923set400091.jpg

'69 Camaro Outlaw




 photo 2009_1115set1300003.jpg

'72*, '69 Nova Outlaw




 photo 20131021_212310_zpsbe3ff61c.jpg

'69 Chevelle Outlaw





 photo 66fordoutlaw_zps7fe2a90d.jpg

'66 Mustang Outlaw



















2010_0225set20003.jpg picture by 67impala427

'70 1/2 Camaro Outlaw









'66 Nova Cowl/Outlaw Hood



2010_0302set30002-1.jpg picture by 67impala427

'06/ Camaro Outlaw Hood


































2010_0508set160008.jpg picture by 67impala427

'67 Charger Outlaw











2006_1218set10003-1.jpg picture by 67impala427

'62 Bel Air Custom Cowl





























'70 Challenger Outlaw Hood

















2010_0923set400061-1.jpg picture by 67impala427

'69 Camaro Outlaw Hood











2010_0214set5760013.jpg picture by 67impala427

'70 Super Bee Cowl/Outlaw


2010_0131set400621.jpg picture by 67impala427

'63 Nova Cowl/Outlaw Hood



2006_0724set630012.jpg picture by 67impala427

Radiator Hose 2 ft.


Heater Hose 3 pk.


DSCF3457.jpg picture by 67impala427

Model Detailing Kit/Resin Hood Combo Pk.





'55 Chevy Bel Air. Click pic for more info on this model.


  '55 Chevy Pro Street Pickup. Click pic for more info. 


2006_0714set620009-1.jpg picture by 67impala427

'67 Impala. Click pic for more info.


'69 V10 GTX Custom.  Click pic for more info.


Blown 409.  Click picture for more info.



502 SS.  Click picture for more info.



2006_0901set760008.jpg picture by 67impala427

Works in Progress. Click pic for more info






The Mad Modeller








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Visitors' Rides

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Denny at D&L Chassis is a great customer of LSM's and an excellent slot car builder.  He uses many of the LSM Resin Hoods for his amazing creations and his paint work is out of this world.  Below are 5 examples of his craft and all have LSM Hoods.  You can purchase one of his quality chassis or he can build you a car from the ground up.  For more information Just click on any of the pictures of his cars or the D&L logo to the left.

 photo fb200dc4afcffea507e2c84f74d2677c-o-750_zpslxwif144.jpg

 photo P1010085_478x286_zpstbxati6v.jpg

 photo P1010290_zpslefu2ghx.jpg

 photo 7cbda8448d9bdeeed0b747d93abefe47-o-750_zpsuhfa9ioa.jpg

 photo P1010314_zpseyxd0uws.jpg


Bryan Pardee

photo-1.jpg picture by 67impala427photo-4.jpg picture by 67impala427 photo-2.jpg picture by 67impala427

Bryan built this slot car using the body of the '70 1/2 Camaro from AMT.  He finished it off with an LSM Resin Outlaw Hood for the aforementioned kit.  I don't know a lot about slot cars but I do know that this one is hot!


Phil Todd

P10105531-1-1.jpg picture by 67impala427





Phil Todd, who is a regular at LSM is a slot car guy.  He used the  LSM '66 Nova Outlaw Hood and the LSM '06 Camaro Outlaw Hood on two BAD A** builds.  He grafted LSM hoods to the '80's Camaro and the two  Malibu's.  They came out very nice indeed.  Good work Phil.



Wolfie says..." A fast Charger but hard to keep straight.  Needs some suspension work.  A bit bent here and there....Built this week with safety and speed in mind at Wolfie's Speed Shop."  Wolfie  used the LSM '67 Charger Outlaw Hood on this outrageous build.  Nice work Wolfie and great weathering.


Craig Svader




Craig is another slot car guy and an avid racer of 1/1 cars too.  His contributions are a yet unfinished '62 Bel Air using the LSM '62 Bel Air Custom Cowl Hood, an '06 "Stang, a Chevelle racer and a really nice weathered old Mustang.  Great work Craig.  You can see actual You Tube footage of Craig's 1/1 if you click on the following llink.   



 Richard Shock


"Hi Alex, The Challenger is total pro-street with everything wired.  It is a build from a good friend of mine, Vern Heizer.  He did this car years ago and has won trophies and plaques with it.  He has built models for AMT to their specifications for box art.  I'm a MOPAR NUT so he sold it to me for my dioramas.  Richard".  Richard added the LSM '70 Challenger Outlaw Hood to make it his very own. 


Brandon Maddox




 Brandon Maddox has 3 very nice slot cars of his own.  He uses the LSM '66 Nova Outlaw Hood on the green one, the LSM  '69 Camaro Outlaw Hood on the yellow Yenko Camaro and finally he uses the '70 Camraro Outlaw Hood on the orange Camaro,  my favorite of the three. 



Rich McIlroy

DSC_0068-1.jpg DSC_0068-1

DSC_0265.jpg DSC_0265

These two beautiful slot cars were built by Rich McIlroy.  He used the LSM '70 Super Bee Outlaw Hood on the first one and the LSM '63 Nova Outlaw Hood to finish off the second one.  Really nice job Rich.

Steve Sammons



Steve says, "This '68 RR is my most ambitious and factory to date".   "I Added several major parts from 2 Revell donor kits (engine/tranny, various underhood bits, rolling stock, modified-to-fit rear end...),  It's wired and plumbed and wears Keith Marks decals".   The second car is a model of an actual car that Steve once owned.
Souriya Syouthoum

SA506693_resize1.jpg picture by 67impala427

sv0021.jpg picture by 67impala427

I Took home 1st. Place Dragster and 1st. Place Tuner and won a $200 cash prize with these builds.  At the auction my dragster began with a starting bid of $20 and ended up at $1500.  Good Lord...I was expecting more like $60 like on eBay.  The red street tuner also started at $20 and it sold for $698.
I custom made the huge Garrett Gt47-80 turbocharger on the red Castrol Tom GT Supra Dragster.  It sits next to my buddy's  Skyline convertible w/ the HKS decal.(top)   My red Supra Tuner sits next to my buddy's blue Skyline.(bottom)
Levi D Graves

Hi Alex, I'm submitting pictures of a Revell 1970 Challenger 2 'n 1 with Viper SRT10 ACR V10 (engine inspired by your '69 GTX by the way).  This is my first build with major modifications.  I chose the T/A exterior options (hood and rear spoiler) and painted it w/Testors Star-Spangled Blue and Blazing Black Metallic.  All trim is done with Bare Metal Foil.  Levi.
Norman Knott

Hi my name is Norm from Australia.  I am working on a box of old car models that my brother gave me.  I am having loads of fun taking these old dusty junkers and turning them in to airbrushed works of art.  Cheers.  Norm.