Resin Parts Preparation and Instuctions

All LSM Resin Hood's and Part's are carefully inspected prior to shipping.


It is recommended that all resin parts be cleaned prior to priming and painting.  Westly's Bleachwhite or washing with dish liquid works just fine.


If flattening or warping occurs the part can easily be restored to it's original shape by immersing in very hot water (almost boiling) for a few second to to soften the resin.  It can then be manipulated back to it's original shape.  Repeat as needed.  Once reshaping is done the part can be reset by running cold water on it.


LSM Resin Part's and Hood are easily sanded and are compatible with all kinds of primers and paints including model and automotive varieties.


If for any reason your are not completely satisfied with your Resin Hood or Part or any LSM product please contact us at