What can be said about the 426 Hemi that hasn't already been said before.  It was and is one of the most powerful production engines produced by Detroit.  The 426 Hemi was used in many Mopar's of the sixties and seventies and my favorites were the '69 Charger and the '70 Super Bee.  It was quite natural for me to build a Super Bee model with a 426 because of my fondness for the car.  The Amt '70 Super Bee Pro Stock kit was a great starting point. 





'70 Super Bee Pro Street

This kit was built basically box stock.  There were really no modifications to the chassis except for the brake lines that were added.  I did make the front wheels steerable with a little modification.

The engine is box stock except for wiring.  The brake lines and ignition wires are from Lex's Scale Modeling. I scratch made the compression fittings.  The braided metal fuel lines are from Detail Master.  The engine was painted Hemi Orange with a pearl gloss cote.  I thought that would be interesting because although I wanted this car to at first seem nearly stock, with a closer look one would find that it had some nice surprises to reveal.

One of those surprises is the paint.  At first glance the body appears to be Plum Crazy Purple.  If you look again it may look green.  This was achieved with the Dupli-Color Mirage Paint System.  The chrome trim is Bare Metal Foil.  I then added the kit decals and covered the body with several coats of clear.  The license plate was made using the ACME License Plate maker.

The painted interior is box stock.