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My objective in creating this build was to combine the modern technology, power and convenience of todays high peformance machines  with the timeless classic form of the 1969 Plymouth GTX.  From the big Viper V-10 to the high performance wheel and tire combo, this build has all of the agility and ability of a race horse.  It's like a saber tooth tiger in wolfs clothing.

V10 Viper engine.

I fabricated an amplifier surround between the modified tubs for the LSM Resin Amplifier.  I then added resin subs and the battery. The exterior color theme is repeated in the trunk.

To allow for the wider front tires and modified front suspension, I had to replace the inner fender wells with new ones.  I scratch built them using sheet styrene and glazing putty.  Since I was already making major changes in the engine compartment, I decided to smooth the fire wall to give it a cleaner custom look.  The dual electric fans came from the Dodge Magnum SRT8 kit.  I replaced the master cylinder with a brake booster and resevoir from the parts box.

'68 Road Runner/'69 GTX Custom Cowl Hood.

'68 Road Runner/'69 GTX Outlaw Hood.

'69 V-10 GTX Custom


The Model Builders August 2009 Model of the Month.

The basis for this build is the AMT Pro Street '69 GTX Hardtop kit from the early '90's.  I began by modifying the kit tubs to allow for the extreme rim and tire combo.  I then modified the rear chassis using aluminum tube and sheet styrene.  I made rear coilover shocks using wire from LSM and aluminum tube.  The disk brakes are Pegasus and the brake lines came from LSM.


I combined some of the kit supplied parts and scratch made items to form the front suspension.  Again I used brake lines from LSM and Pegasus disk brakes.  The completed chassis was painted using Dupli-Color Metallic Gray.  I fashioned the fuel tank from sheet styrene and smoothed the rough edges with glazing putty.  I then painted it with Dupli-Color Chrome paint.  The fuel lines are from LSM.

I used the engine from the AMT Dodge Viper SRT10.  Linkage and ignition wire from LSM were added. I also added braided fuel lines heater and radiator hoses.  The air intakes were made using aluminum rod and tubing.  The valve covers were smoothed and I added GTX V10 decals that I made using my computer.

The interior is completely custom.  I modified the stock dash by removing the molded details from the instrument cluster area and added modern white face guages with PE accents.  I used the custom steering wheel from the AMT '57 Ford Fairlane.  The indash cd and video navigation screen were made by photo-reducing aftermarket units.  I made the custom console and molded package tray from sheet styrene.  The custom seats came from the aforementioned  AMT '57 Ford Fairlane.  The rears were shortened to fit snuggly beneath the custom made package tray.  To finish of the seats I added belts with PE hardware.  In the trunk an LSM Resin Amplifier was added.  The interior was painted gunship grey with GM Silver Birch inserts and red accents on the seats to match the exterior paint job.  It all sits on gray carpet.  The interior is one of my favorite areas of this build.  A lot of work went in to capturing my vision for it.

While the body went through the some extreme modifications I managed to make them pretty subtle.  I wanted to retain the classic beauty of this B-body but update it in a tasteful, almost transparent manor.  I began by opening the doors and trunk.  I then shaved the door handles and deleted all external badging.  Two of the most obvious modifications are the hood cowl and the  molded bumpers.

I used the kit supplied hood but shaved the stock side scoops off.  I then fabricated the cowl using sheet styrene and glazing putty.  Resin versions of this hood and the new outlaw version as well as various other hoods are now available at LSM for $8.50 w/free shipping.  For a more modern look I used additional sheet styrene to fabricate the molded bumpers and seamlessly attach them to the body.  I then extended the chrome trim using styrene strip.  The stock tail light bezels were used but I replaced the lenses  with clear red file folder tabs that were cut to fit just inside the bezals.  Again to give it a more contemporary appearance.  The headlights were molded into the grill so I cut them out and used headlight buckets from the parts box to replace them.  I used modified side view mirrors from the old Monogram '84 Ford Mustang Convertible.   After all of the sanding, molding and blending, the body and trunk area was painted in GM 59U Silver Birch.   The accents and sport stripes were painted using Dupli-Color Metallic Grey with red pin stripes.