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I wasn't a Monte Carlo fan until 1978.   That was the year that the smaller more fuel efficient models debuted.  This new body style was a big hit and saw only minor cosmetic changes over the next few years.  In 1981 the Monte Carlo was restyled as well as all of the GM, G body cars. The only problem was they were very boring.  Chevy heard the call and by 1982 the SS had returned from a long absence.  In 1986, for the first time there were two body styles offered under the MC SS moniker.  The standard notchback and the new Aeroback designed for NASCAR competition.  I proudly present to you my version of a street and strip ready '86 Monte Carlo called the 502 SS


I built this model for the Community Build Project for the former The Mad Modeller Forum of which I was a member.  The requirements for the build were the car had to be a daily driver that could raise hell at the local strip.  I admit that this car is more strip than street but it has all of the comforts of a stock '86 SS, minus the rear seats plus a few surprises. 

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'86 Monte Carlo Resin Bubble Hood


Resin Multi Hood Packs of 3, 4, 5 and 10.


  86 M/C Cowl Hood


502 SS

The Model Builders December 2008 Model of the Month

The 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo SS 2'n 1 by Revell was the perfect start for me to create the 502 SS.  I began by tubbing the chassis for the big rear tires.  I used the kit supplied rear end and suspension but heavily modified them to work on this build.  The front suspension is basically box stock.  The front and the deepened rear wheels came from the Amt 70 1/2 Baldwin Motion Camaro.  I deepened the rears by cutting the collars from some old rims and glued them to the new ones.  The front tires came from an old Dodge Duster 340 model.  The rears are from the '66 Nova Pro Street by AMT.

LSM Detailing Products

The Monte Carlo SS kit came with a stock 305.  That wasn't enough for this build.  I used a Ross Gibson Alley Rat 502 from RPP Hobby as the heart of this beast.  The ignition wires, brake lines, lower radiator hose and heater hoses are all from Lex's Scale Modeling.  I had to make quite a few modifications to make the big 502 fit in the engine bay including removing the fan shroud and cutting away some of the inner fenders.  I made the exhaust system with Evergreen plastic rod and the mufflers from the kit.  Because of the size of the engine I couldn't use the kit supplied brake booster and master cylinder.  Instead I used one from the '66 Chevelle Pro Street model by AMT.   I added the radiator and electric fans from a mid-nineties  C5 Corvette. 


Because of the rear tubbing there was no room for the rear seats, so I lengthened The package tray, flocked it and dropped in two 15" subs from Hoppin' Hydros.  I painted them to resemble Cerwin Vega's.  The roll bar was made from Evergreen rod and painted to match the stock interior gray.  I added a tach and a Hurst shifter.  I painted the dials white instead of the stock black to give them that race car look.  The racing belts were made from seat belt material available at Lex's Scale Modeling.

The trunk was flocked to match the interior.  I used one of our LSM resin amps and added an aluminum nitrous tank.

The only modifications to the body were the opening of the trunk and the grafting of a resin cowl from a hood in my parts box unto the stock hood of the Monte Carlo.  I then painted the body Ishtar Arancio Orange which is a Lamborghini finish.  Afterwards I tinted some Cobra Colors clear coat with Paint with Pearls Gold Satin Ghost pearl pigment and sprayed it over the orange.  The lower body was painted in Dupli-Color Metallic Burgandy.   The red stripes and 502 SS decals were made using my computer.  Finally I used Bare Metal Foil black for the trim and covered it all in several coats of Dupli-Color Clear.  The liscense plate was made using Acme Liscense Plate Maker.

Resin Outlaw hoods now available for Revell '86 Monte Carlo.

'86 Monte Carlo O/L Revell